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Check out H&H Marines’ large selection of high-performance Hurricane Deck Boats for sale at their San Diego location.

Hurricane Boats have been manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana for over 45 years. They feature Deep-V performance while maintaining a shallow draft for when you need to beach your boat and set up lunch from shore. Other high performance features include Hurricane’s Transverse Stringer System and foam filled hulls with Closed Cell Urethane technology.

Why Buy a Hurricane Boat from H&H Marine

At HH Marine we wanted to be able to offer a boat that fits the needs of your whole family. This is why we are so excited to be working with Hurricane. The fishermen in the family will have plenty of room for casting while the comfortable seating options accommodate the rest of your crew. High horsepower engine options will provide enough power for water sport towing and the go-fast boater alike.

View our selection of Hurricane Boats below:

SunDeck OB Boat

SunDeck OB

Everyone’s invited aboard the SunDeck! With it’s customizable layouts, walk through windshield, and high-horsepower options, you are certain to entertain your passengers with much versatility.

SunDeck Sport OB

SunDeck Sport OB

No limits, fun in the sun entertainment in a design that’s easy to manage, trailer and store. Allowing for more comfort and passengers with its open deck, lounge seating and windscreen helm. The SunDeck Sport pleases the go-fast family member as well as those who wish to lounge.

Center Console

Center Console

Speedy, stable, and built for everyone. Work or play with our Center Console deck boat where shallow water performance, centralized control and expansive layouts come together.

Hurricane Deck Boat FAQs

Do Hurricane boats hold their value?

Yes, Hurricane Boats have high demand in the used market which allows for above average resale values.

Can Hurricane boats go into the ocean?

Yes, Hurricane Boats are very safe and versatile. All of the models are capable of ocean use.

What warranty comes with my Hurricane deck boat?
Hurricane Boats offer a Lifetime Limited Hull Warranty, 5 years Vinyl Warranty, 5 years Flooring Warranty, and 1 Year for Components.

Ready to Learn More?

Have questions or want to learn more about our Hurricane Boats? Give us a call at 619.381.8480 or, fill out the form below.

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Want to learn more about our boats? Give us a call at 619.381.8480 or fill out the form below.