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Defiance boats are mindfully designed specifically with the sport fisherman mentality. Their Pilothouse boats are the number one choice for sport fishermen, and only continue to grow in popularity. Experience a year-round fishing season with Defiance Boats!

Our Current Defiance Boat Inventory

All Defiance boats are designed and built on the west coast for the west coast boater. No other boat that is sold on the West Coast comes more ready to fish the California Coast than Defiance. As the only authorized Defiance dealer in all of Southern California, H&H Marine is so excited to be partnering with this incredible company.

Your next adventure


The 270 Admiral is built to run off the shores of Cape Hatteras for Wahoo, catch Yellowtail in the kelp off of San Diego muscle in big Halibut from the depths off the Aleutian Islands or simply enjoy the day in the harbor. It comes standard with 3 insulated in-deck fish boxes, enough cabin for an entire crew, and a large V-Berth for a comfortable overnight stay.



This 25′ offshore boat is as at home 50 miles offshore as it is inshore.

Built and designed for the offshore sport-fishing enthusiast seeking to fill their freezer with Tuna, large Pacific Halibut, massive Alaskan King Salmon or Stripers off the East Coast. The no frills design of the Admiral series means this boat is a low maintenance, easy to clean, go anywhere, do anything boat.



It’s economical design and comfortable no-frills is the pinnacle of mid-sized offshore pilothouse boats. With a 22′ Pilothouse, nothing out-performs the Defiance. Designed for the offshore tuna fishery, within a 100 gallon fuel capacity this boat gives you the range needed to find the fish. The 220 sports the famous Admiral no-frills design leaving you very little clean-up and maintenance.



The Catalina 210 provides lots of fishing space and all of the features that a serious fisherman is looking for in a boat. But it also allows the comfort and seating amenities that you are looking for when cruising around the bay or just relaxing with friends and family.

It has ample bow seating and large insulated fish boxes in the front of the boat to keep your catch or your beverages on ice during your whole trip! If you are looking for a do everything boat in a 21′ size, we think you will be hard pressed to find a more impressive boat than the Catalina 210.

Why We Choose Defiance

Ownership is worry-free

We back up every Defiance Boat purchase with a Lifetime Structural Warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

100% wood-free

Defiance boats are 100% wood-free, making them more structurally sound and less susceptible to rot.

Huge fish boxes

We know our customers love to fish, and Defiance Boats are a fisherman’s dream! All of their boat models include large, insulated fish boxes for additional storage and convenience.

Reversed chine

All Defiance boat models incorporate a large reverse chine, which provides stability at rest, helps the boat to plane at lower speeds, and provides better fuel economy.

Steep deadrise & sharp entry

Defiance Boats are designed with over 50 degrees of entry in the bow and 21-22 degrees at the stern to provide that characteristic wave- crushing Defiance ride.

Self bailing deck

All Defiance Boats feature self bailing cockpits for added convenience and safety.

Unmatched fuel range

Every Defiance Boat is designed with the maximum fuel capacity to allow long and safe runs offshore, as well as incredible fuel efficiency. That kind of range allows for travel up to 70+ miles offshore.

Comfortable seating

All Defiance Boat cabins are designed to allow for comfortable maximum seating for you and your crew.

Fuel efficient designs

Defiance Boats are manufactured with advanced composite materials and lifting strakes to allow them to plane easily and run efficiently at all speeds.


All Defiance Boats are foam filled to provide added safety. Most boats over 20’ in length have no foam flotation; but Defiance fills every available cavity with foam so you can be at ease out on the water.

About Defiance Boats

Defiance Pilothouse boats

All Defiance Pilothouse boats feature comfortable seating for everyone onboard. Pilothouse boats seat 4 to 6 adults, depending on the model. These boats all feature plenty of room for fishing in the back. These offshore boats are perfect for the sport-fishing enthusiasts looking for a boat with no nonsense and low maintenance.

Defiance Center Console Boats

Defiance Center Console boats provide plenty of fishing space to help you come out victorious in a fish fight. Experience smooth rides offshore as you’re looking for that big catch of the day. Large fish holds make Defiance center console boats the perfect choice for real fishing enthusiasts.


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